Ed Sheridan
Ed Sheridan I have been fully certified as a Myopractitioner, and maintained a full practice in the Phoenix area since 1983. In addition to Myopractics, I hold a massage license, and am a certified flexibility specialist in both the Ki-Hara Resistance and Stretch to Win systems of flexibility training. I also have attended workshops on Visceral Manipulation, Ayurvedic massage, Colonic Therapy, Reflexology, and other bodywork techniques.

I first became acquainted with Myopractics when as a young man I became a patient of Dr. Huls and indeed am one of only a few Myopractitioners that actually met and knew him. I am dedicated to carrying on his legacy. I studied at Southwestern University of Natural Therapeutics in Tempe, Arizona.

I first became acquainted with flexibility training in all its’ forms when searching for additional techniques to add to my repertoire. Currently certified through 5 levels of Ki-Hara, I completed my internship in 2010 after studying with Master trainer Carrie Collins of Chicago, and completed the master levels in 2012.

I view myself as a primary or first level health care professional. Although dedicated to alternative and natural health care I am quick to recognize when Medical treatment is or isn’t necessary. Also, having been in practice for so many years I have an extensive referral network.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my services or my qualifications.