Myopractics is an integrated type of manual therapy developed by Dr. William J. Huls. In its simplest concept Myopractics embraces any modality that restores subtle physical motion. Numerous aspects of bodywork including joint mobilization, massage, acupressure, trigger point, visceral manipulation, and other soft tissue techniques are employed to restore mechanical relationships. The overall approach of Myopractics embraces fundamental principles such as the pelvis being the structural foundation of the body, the bones being a system of levers and fulcrums that the muscles move, the pulses which guide our work, and others that make Myopractics unique.

Myopractic Session Myopractic Session

In as little as 30 minutes, a Myopractic treatment is usually a whole body treatment and can be dynamic in its ability to restore the health of the body. In my practice I try to be result oriented and not require repeat visits. Due to my wife being a Midwife, I also have many years of experience in visceral manipulation working on literally hundreds of babies (colic, and “acid reflux”), as well as adults for intestinal disturbances and organ malfunctions related to alterations of movement patterns. More information on this aspect of my practice can be found at

Myocentric training is the integration of all forms of muscle contraction; i.e. isometric, concentric, eccentric, isotonic; and all methods of assisted stretching; i.e. resistance, PNF, AIS. Guided by me, it would be much like taking a workshop, but with much more personal instruction, similar to a session with a personal trainer without the weights.